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Posts tagged as “WTC”

The Year That Was & The Year That Will Be

by Christine Hall

A little over a year ago, I dusted off my astrology books to see what the stars would say about 2001 for this column. Looking back, the accuracy was downright frightening. The economy would be a roller coaster ride, I wrote, the situation in Israel would continue to deteriorate, there was a good chance of war or wars, and terrorism would escalate across the globe and possibly might hit within the boundaries of the United States.

What The Numbers Say About September 11, 2001

by Christine Hall

September 11th has always been a special day for me because it’s my father’s birthday. If he was alive, he would have turned seventy on the day that four highjacked airliners wrecked havoc on New York City, Washington, D.C., and rural Pennsylvania. Because of this personal connection, I know some rather trivial things about this date. For example, I know that this year Christmas will fall on a Tuesday, because September 11th and Christmas Day always fall on the same day of the week.

Christine Hall

Christine Hall has been working as a journalist since the 1970s. She currently hosts a weekly radio show of  sixties music, The Sixties in 60 that can be heard every Sunday at 6 pm Eastern Time on The Barrel of Rock.