Want Psychedelic? Nine Iconic Pristine Posters from San Francisco’s Days of Love ‘n’ Haight

Heritage Auctions is auctioning a collection of mint condition rock ‘n’ roll posters from San Francisico’s acid, weed, music, and Summer-of-Love fueled golden age in the mid to late 1960s. We have nine of them here that we’re sure you’ll want to look at.

Jefferson Airplane 1966

Kearns Tells All About Phoebe — But Who Is ‘The ‘Poetry Man?’

Phoebe Snow Rolling Cover

Phoebe Snow Rolling Cover

Phoebe Snow ‘Rolling Stone’ cover from June 5, 1975.

At about five-thirty on Sunday afternoon, Philip Kearns and the band got tuned-up to play and pay […]

Keeping Phoebe Snow’s Music Alive in Winston-Salem

Tribute to Phoebe Snow poster

Tribute to Phoebe Snow posterI can’t remember the last time I heard Phoebe Snow’s “Poetry Man” on the radio. But 40 years after the song first hit the airwaves, Philip Kearns is working to make […]

Incident at Starbucks


Today we visited the new Harris Teeter that just opened on Reynolda Road where the Roses once stood, mainly to see if they carried Hoffman hot dogs, which is a favorite of my roommates. While there, we picked up some roasted chicken, some ice cream and a few other items, and while going through checkout, […]

What’s In a Number?

Our editor reports that this hasn’t been the best of summers for her – and offers some advice on how you interpret your stars. […]