Judaic Incunabula: An Evening’s Encounter With Survivors From My Distant Past

rare books

by Sally Wiener Grotta

rare books

SOURCE: Pixabay

I recently spent an evening of wonder and reflection in the company of several Judaic […]

Fulcanelli and the Mystery of the Cross at Hendaye

In 1926, a mysterious volume issued in a luxury edition of three hundred copies by a small Paris publishing firm known mostly for artistic reprints rocked the Parisian occult underworld. Its title was Le Mystère des Cathédrales (The Mystery of the Cathedrals). The author, “Fulcanelli,” claimed that the great secret of alchemy, the […]

The Man Who Sees Dead People

Psychic/medium Joe Power: “I see dead people.”

The film The Sixth Sense scared the heck out of movie-goers a few years ago. This so-called horror story dramatizes the eerie life of a young boy who sees, hears and feels spirits. Dead people invade his bedroom […]

Why Did You Write Your Book?

Last week we published our review of Philip Smith’s memoir about his father, “Walking Through Walls.” This week we learn why the book was written. Suffice it to say, the spirits were at work. […]

Zombies to Die For

Although the intended purpose of this article is to help Dr. Corran sell his book on Zombies, it offers an interesting look at the world of the undead as well. […]