DANCING WITH THE DEAD: Voodoo, Paganism and Possession

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Dr. Strange runs the Voodoo down. . .DANCING WITH THE DEAD:Voodoo, Paganism and Possession

The drumming and chanting have been going on for hours. The final offerings […]

The Prophecies of the Native Americans Part I: The Hopi Visions

In the course of their communion with the Great Spirit, native Americans have received many visions of the destiny of civilization on this continent. The largest number of such prophesies have been preserved by the Hopi in Arizona. Their community of Oraibi is the oldest continually inhabited settlement (about 1,000 years) in North America. The […]

Give Me That New Age Religion

New Age magickal altar

In this article from 1993, Christine Hall takes a look at the New Age community as it existed in America at that time. Looking back, some things are timeless, for in many ways this same article could be written today, more than a fifth of the way through the 21st Century.

A New Look At An Ancient Oracle: The I-Ching as the Supercomputer of Destiny – Part Three


For Terence McKenna: “When it comes upon the right man, one who has inner relationship with this tao, it can forthwith be taken by him and awakened to new life.” R. Wilhelm, 1964

Imagine that a being from an advanced culture gave you a toy designed to both entertain you and instruct you in the […]

Three Faces of the Goddess

Originally printed in a slightly different version in the Samhain, 2000 edition of “ROAR!”

I wish I could remember the poem of praise I wrote for Nepthys. This would’ve been back in 1990, when the Fifth Way group was being introduced to Egyptian Magick. Nepthys was the second Neter we invoked, the first Goddess. She […]