The San Francisco Sound: ‘White Rabbit,’ Grace Slick, and The Great Society

The Great Society in 1965
The Great Society in 1965

Grace Slick, Jerry Slick, David Miner, Bard Dupont and Darby Slick in 1965.

On this Sunday’s The Sixties in 60 radio show […]

Kearns Tells All About Phoebe — But Who Is ‘The ‘Poetry Man?’

Phoebe Snow Rolling Cover

Phoebe Snow Rolling Cover

Phoebe Snow ‘Rolling Stone’ cover from June 5, 1975.

At about five-thirty on Sunday afternoon, Philip Kearns and the band got tuned-up to play and pay […]

Keeping Phoebe Snow’s Music Alive in Winston-Salem

Tribute to Phoebe Snow poster

Tribute to Phoebe Snow posterI can’t remember the last time I heard Phoebe Snow’s “Poetry Man” on the radio. But 40 years after the song first hit the airwaves, Philip Kearns is working to make […]

Soundtrack To The Sixties

First King Crimson album cover

Except for a few college stations, there’s absolutely no creativity left in music radio. All playlist decisions are left to big city consultants, who conduct surveys and test songs before live audiences before giving the go ahead for their local client stations to add them to their playlists. According to these consultants, there are no […]