Princess Diana’s Numerology

by Christine Hall

Numerology is the study of the numbers that effect us at all times during the course of our lives. These numbers can be understood and explained through the images of the Tarot cards. During the week after the death the Princess of Wales, I began to look at the numbers concerning both her life and her death. What I found was very interesting, not only because of what it told me about the princess, but because of what it told me about humanity in the 1990s.

Princess Diana was born on July 1, 1961 which becomes, through numerology, a 25. That reduces by addition to a 7 and by multiplication to a 10 and a 1. This means that the overall lesson that Lady Di was born to learn had to do with “Temperance,” with learning to see all sides of a situation. This was to be accomplished through “The Chariot,” which has to do with boundaries. The product of these lessons had to do with “The Wheel of Fortune,” the fate which we share with the rest of the world, and “The Magician,” which is concerned with the concept of unity.

It’s easy to see how this worked in her life. Through her work with the unfortunate she learned to see the world through a very different lens than royalty is used to using. She even spoke about this to the press, telling reporters that she wished for her sons to be very different, for them to be concerned about the plight of the “common people” because they had gone out among them and seen their situation first hand. By so doing, she hoped to help unify the people with their rulers.

According to numerologists, every year gives us a new lesson that we must learn – this in addition to our life’s work. Diana’s lesson for the current year was expressed by the number 34 which reduces by addition to 7 and by multiplication to 12. Since the princess already had a 7 as a life number, this meant that boundary issues were doubly important to her this year. 12 relates to “The Hanged Man,” which means that this was a year for her to learn about the nature of sacrifices. As we now know, this would be the year that she would be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice.

From her life we turn to her death. By looking at the numbers associated with the day that Diana died, we will see that perhaps there was the hand of the divine involved on this day and that maybe her death has served a purpose that has touched us all.

The first number we will look at is the number associated with the year, which gives us the lesson that all of us, not only Princess Di, have to learn for the year. 1997 adds up to 26 which reduces to an 8 by addition and a 12 by multiplication. Since 26 relates to the path of “The Devil,” this is a year in which many people will need to confront issues of the body or health. 8 is one of the more complex numbers because it has a dual application. In dealing with others, the eight is concerned with “Strength,” which has to do with projecting our issues on others. In dealing with ourselves, eight is concerned with our personal karma, our need to atone for our sins. It is interesting to note that the accident occurred in the 8th month as well.

As we have already seen, 12 refers to the idea of sacrifice. Because it is the result of multiplication, it represents that which is to be born out of the lessons that we learn during the year. This implies that this year all of us will be forced to pay attention to how our expectations of others can effects their health. Out of this will grow a sacrifice – we will give up something in order to make our lives more complete. Evidently, that something was found in the life of Princess Diana.

Figuring the numerology connected with the accident is made complicated by the time of day that it happened. Although she died on the morning of the 31st, many numerologists would figure the time as the evening of the 30th, since in numerology the day is usually considered to begin and end with the rising of the sun instead of at midnight. This would probably be the case here, since Diana and her party were still up from Saturday activities and not awakening to begin a new day.

In any event, that Saturday night was a 37, which reduces to a 10 and 1 by addition and 21 and 3 by multiplication. Here we get the sense that it was her fate to die on this date, that she had done her work and it was time for her to be called home. Actually, being “called home” was the final part of her work.

10, already one of her life numbers, can be seen to deal with the idea of luck as a blind force that is affected by the mass of humanity. But 10 always reduces to a 1, which is unity, our connection with the divine. This means that the source of all luck is always divinity, that there are no accidents. In this sense, we can say that the “unlucky” automobile accident was Princess Di being called home by God. The product of that being called home was the 21, which is “The World.” This one is obvious, because the “calling home” of Princess Di had a profound effect on the collective consciousness of humankind.

Most of the world learned of her death on Sunday morning, which was the 31st. The number for that day is 38 which reduces by addition to 11 and 2 and by multiplication to 24. These numbers are most interesting and explain the ultimately positive effect that her death can possibly have on all of humankind.

We have already dealt with the 11 as our karmic responsibility in dealing with others, but here we see that the result of that karma is 24 which is “Death.” This echoes what we heard on talk radio programs during the week that followed the accident. In a sense, we are all responsible for the tragedy that killed Lady Di and her party on that fateful evening. Not only do the publishers of magazines and newspapers who buy photos from the paparazzi have blood on their hands, we all have blood on our hands. The publishers were only trying to meet the demand that we place upon them.

The important thing is that we have realized that and that we are atoning for our sins. 24, which is the path of “Death,” reduces to 6, “The Lovers,” a path that deals primarily with choices and the consequences of those choices.

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Christine Hall

Christine Hall is a journalist and writer who lives near Winston-Salem, NC.

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