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Alternative Approaches

A New Look At An Ancient Oracle: The I-Ching as the Supercomputer of Destiny – Part Three

For Terence McKenna: “When it comes upon the right man, one who has inner relationship with this tao, it can forthwith be taken by him and awakened to new life.” R. Wilhelm, 1964

Imagine that a being from an advanced culture gave you a toy designed to both entertain you and instruct you in the workings of our reality matrix. The toy works like this: at any moment, you can freeze the flow of time into a very small slice which not only tells you the nature of the moment, but why you chose it, the ramifications of having chosen it, and three other co-ordinates of change that create the moment and the choice.

Three Faces of the Goddess

Originally printed in a slightly different version in the Samhain, 2000 edition of “ROAR!”

I wish I could remember the poem of praise I wrote for Nepthys. This would’ve been back in 1990, when the Fifth Way group was being introduced to Egyptian Magick. Nepthys was the second Neter we invoked, the first Goddess. She was our Yesod; she was the Mother Moon.

I wrote the poem and memorized it in a tiny little room that I rented in the back of a big house. My landlord, a little guy with a bad case of nerves, had pointedly made it clear that I was not a roommate. I was not to feel free to roam through the house. Other than the room I rented, I was only to have access to the bath and kitchen. So I sat, cross legged on a mattress on the floor, and poured my heart into writing and memorizing a beautiful invocation. It’s lost now. All I can remember is that the first line of each verse was the same.

Lady Sekhmet: A Priestess of the Ancient Egyptians

Previously published in “ESP Magazine” and the Sekhmet Society journal “ROAR!”

About three years ago, my friend Darlene gave me a little picture of the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet that she hand painted on papyrus. She said that the goddess had told her to give it to me, so I took it home and placed it on the altar in my meditation room. Little did I know that the drawing that she’d given me was part of a grander scheme.