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Alternative Approaches

Bob Dylan Turns 60

Most of us baby boomers were caught off guard when it was announced several weeks back that Bob Dylan was celebrating his sixtieth birthday. It didn’t surprise us, mind you, since all of us from that generation have gotten used to graying or thinning hair, wrinkles and sags, a gradual decline in energy, and all of the rest that accompanies getting older. But the thought of Dylan getting ready to collect his social security… Well, it doesn’t make sense somehow.

Sleep Medicine

Are you too busy for sleep? Is much of your bedtime spent tossing and turning because you worry about what you did or did not accomplish that day? Do you awake each morning refreshed, full of vim and vigor – ready to take on a new day, or does it take several cups of coffee for you to regain consciousness in the morning?

Lack of sleep can severely compromise our immune systems, affect our alertness during the day, interfere with our sex lives, our moods, and our effectiveness; generally making us useless in our waking hours. Our bodies require rest. Our minds require both rest and dream time. Researchers have discovered that if we do not dream, we may become disoriented, distracted, and emotionally and mentally unstable. Dreaming appears to be essential to a healthy mind.