Fulcanelli and the Mystery of the Cross at Hendaye

In 1926, a mysterious volume issued in a luxury edition of three hundred copies by a small Paris publishing firm known mostly for artistic reprints rocked the Parisian occult underworld. Its title was Le Mystère des Cathédrales (The Mystery of the Cathedrals). The author, “Fulcanelli,” claimed that the great secret of alchemy, the queen of Western occult sciences, was plainly displayed on the walls of Paris’s own cathedral, Notre-Dame-de-Paris. Continue reading Fulcanelli and the Mystery of the Cross at Hendaye

The Man Who Sees Dead People

Psychic/medium Joe Power: “I see dead people.”

The film The Sixth Sense scared the heck out of movie-goers a few years ago. This so-called horror story dramatizes the eerie life of a young boy who sees, hears and feels spirits. Dead people invade his bedroom at night and blow in at school confusing and frightening the boy. Psychic/medium Joe Power knows the story well – he lived it!

“My boyhood was a nightmare,” Power says. “Just like in The Sixth Sense, spirits raided my life starting at a young age.” He remembers the first time he saw a dead person. He was three years old lying on his back in the soft grass of his stepfather’s magical garden. As he stared lazily at the sky an image appeared. It was hazy and fleeting yet Joe saw the image of a face.

An old, rusting car was parked in the middle of the garden and Joe often played inside pretending to drive to faraway places. Many times he felt a presence beside him riding along on his imaginary adventure. Young Joe sensed it was a man and was comforted by his company. Continue reading The Man Who Sees Dead People

Why Did You Write Your Book?

author of Walking Through Walls: A Memoir

It never fails. On every author’s book tour, every interviewer, every moderator, every talk show host always asks the same question, especially when the room goes silent and they need to rescue the interview — “Why did you write your book?” This is a failsafe method to get the author chatting again. Hopefully, after the author spends the next three minutes answering this question, other people will finally be inspired or emboldened to ask yet another question to keep the momentum going. I’m sure most authors have a compelling answer for why they invested so much of their precious time in putting words on a page. Continue reading Why Did You Write Your Book?

Alternate Realism & the Death of New Age

The remarkable election of an African American junior senator to the highest office in the land speaks volumes to our collective desire for a radical departure from the politics of the last eight years. Barack Obama’s “change” mantra, not new to the American campaign lexicon, took on a palpable urgency this season. A tangle of emotions: hope, pride, outrage and fear, swept the long shot candidate to victory and at the outset of 2009 the world watches and waits anxiously to learn exactly what mode of reality we are substituting the former one for. In this time of peril and destabilization, a critical re-examination of our definitive terms and their underlying principles seems to be in order.
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Zombies to Die For

Of all the horrors of literature or of the silver screen perhaps none is as terrifying as the zombie. The idea of the walking dead man, slack jawed, bereft of senses and with his skin rotting on the bone, is enough to frighten even the hardiest of souls. In many cases the creature also has a distinct taste for living human flesh.
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