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Becoming Spaceworthy: A Season of Reason and Change

The untamed mind set loose without being tempered by the needs of physical existence, which is life, cannot be sustained. Welcome to Spaceship Earth.

sustainable world
SOURCE: Pixabay

Imagine a space-going vessel, not something small containing only humans, but a vast one teeming with life. Imagine living in space, not just with other people, but with forests and lakes full of all manner of fish, flora, and fauna. For a species to establish a true space-faring civilization, it must survive its own technology and root that civilization in a healthy, viable environment. We will not be able to populate other star systems without taking nature with us. We need wolves and rabbits, deer and field mice, wild horses, bear and fowl. If we are to become such a spaceworthy species, we need to consciously define and claim a new ecological niche. There is more to the story.