The Ghost of Saigon

Thirty years after the fact, Vietnam is still an open wound. If you listen to the pundits on conservative talk radio, you might come to the conclusion that it’s only those who served in ‘Nam, or those who supported the war, who continue to be bothered over our collective adventure in Southeast Asia. Nothing could be further from the truth, and John Kerry should wake-up to this fact if he wishes to save his failing campaign.

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Curtain Falls On Boston, Rises On Bagdad

by Christine Hall

It used to be good to be “banned in Boston.” Before the 1950s, publishers used to rush their adult themed books to Beantown, hoping to be able to plaster a coveted “banned in Boston” logo on the cover before releasing the book nationwide. By the 1960s, producers of movies and Broadway-bound shows often worked hard to get their work banned, because being “banned in Boston” meant increased box office receipts elsewhere.
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Spiritual Sex: Beyond the Physical

savagelSpiritual sex encompasses sexual energy that goes beyond physical sensations of pleasure, genital orgasms and even the loving connection of sexual communion. Energy generated by sexuality can be transmuted into such experiences as: healing the body-mind-spirit, visualization, divining visions and balancing the genders through joining with universal energy. The more cosmic experiences utilizing sexual energy are most likely to occur in ecstatic consciousness states. The ancients believed that ecstatic union with the Source was the ultimate expression of sexuality.

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The Stars and the Economy

by Christine Hall

Trying to predict economic forces using star charts can be a rather complicated affair, but there are a few key indicators we can look at for a quick read on business, money and fortune.
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Numerology, Astrology and the Prospects for War

by Christine Hall

As we move into the new year sabers are rattling and war drums are being pounded around the world. Our government is amassing enough fire power in the Persian Gulf to bring intelligent life in the region to a complete halt, the North Koreans are threatening (presumably nuclear) war if the world community places economic sanctions on their mismanaged economy, and the Israelis and Palestinians are no closer to peace than they were a year ago. The whole world, it seems, is preparing for something akin to World War III.
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